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The world was our oyster

Pete and I were like many young twenty-four year olds. We had plans and dreams of what our future would look like. How many kids we’d have, where we might live and what our dream travel destinations would be.

Like the quote says, “The world was our oyster”.

Only our oyster wasn’t as pretty and bright white. Starting with my own diagnosis of Lupus at the age of twenty, what was supposed to be the “Newlywed Phase” turned into more of a roller coaster of ups and downs. Instead of late nights out and beach vacations we had our share of doctor’s visits and trips to meet specialists. Early on as we were faced with the realization of what our reality would look like. We could have asked, why us or we could continue to fight.

We continued.

While it wasn’t how I thought my twenties would go, we definitely got a crash course on learning how to depend on each other and others like we might not have if my health had been good and those years had been easy.
Fast forward to building a family. We were again faced with the reminder that my health wasn’t up to par therefore we had to go back to the plan and adjust. Instead of adopting later in life we shifted and began the adoption journey for our first child. This began another one of life’s rides with twists and turns, sudden drops and loop de loops. After losing the first baby we brought home, we were faced with another decision. Do we give up on growing a family or do we continue?

We continued.

We continued to follow our dreams and the plans we’d set and then shifted. We built a business that we loved and we were making a difference and felt content.  But not all businesses are meant to go on forever. After a decision to pull back from one dream and pursue another we were met with more obstacles. Losing employees and learning hard lessons, again brought us to a place where we had to make a choice. Do we call it a day or do we continue?

We continued.

and continued…

and continued…

We Continue

In almost eighteen years of marriage this has become a theme in our home.

Whether it’s a devastating diagnosis, the struggle to build a family or the challenges in building a business, we have learned that while you can make plans and have big dreams, in the midst of that, life happens. Things come up and tragedy can knock you down. But it’s in those moments when you have a choice to make. 
Are you going to give up on the goals and dreams you’ve set for yourself and your life or do you continue?
We believe our stories, ours and yours, have power. And so we created The Not So Perfect Plan. A space where we will be sharing the story of our own Not So Perfect Plan and inviting others to share theirs in hope to offer that piece of hope and inspiration when you are faced with your own decision. 
Do you give up? Or do you pivot and continue?

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