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by | May 1, 2020 | Podcast, Uncategorized

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Starting and growing a family was the plan and like many others, our “plan” didn’t fall into place like we thought it would. It wasn’t an easy or straight road to get there. We were hit left, right, up and down by life’s roadblocks and potholes. 

 Can you relate?

 Often times we set out for that thing we want so badly only to find out getting it isn’t going to be easy. It’s going to test our faith, our commitment, and our strength and how through those tests it’s where we discover what we are capable of.

And it’s then, in those tests and challenges where we are faced with a choice.  

 Do you give up, or will you continue?

It was through our journey to parenthood we were tested. We battled loss, fear, and health and instead of those real “life” moments stealing our dream of becoming parents they instead cemented what we knew was in our heart and therefore pushed us along in our very own Not So Perfect Plan.

It is because we continued, we have a story and it’s because of that story, we created this podcast. Join us today as we share just one of our Not So Perfect Plans and the things we learned along our journey to get there.

 Quick Episode Summary:

Why Kim and Pete started The Not So Perfect plan Pete and Kim’s perfect plan When fear gripped Pete When Keaton came home When Mia Joy was born When Kim had a stoke When Kim was released  from the hospital When Kim received her kidney transplant How baby number four came What Kim spoke over Emma every night Everything comes full circle When Kim found out she was pregnant How Kim overcame fear Advice on how to remain resilience


  1. Maxie

    You guys have always been resilient! I remember one day at church after Kim had been hospitalized and released and I told her something along the lines of, “…you bounce back fast!” I consider it an honor to have known you guys!

    • Kim Vargas

      MAXIE!!!! Hey you! That’s funny you remember that. and believe me when I say this, the honor was ours! You are one special woman!

  2. Susan

    What an amazing story. You both speak so well from your heart. I loved it. As a RN and a mother who had difficulty concieving, I could so relate to so much. It would be awesome to hear Kim’s mom at some time. Especially regarding giving her kidney. I’ve spoken with family members who have donated, the fear, the love, the emotions attached. I LOVE YOU guys. I’m so thankful I found the Rise Up Challenge and you two amazing people!

    • Kim Vargas

      Susan, Thank you. Pete’s the speaker but I’m working on it. Our stories are not unique are they. There are so many who have struggled with the disappointment and pain that building a family can be. I would love to have my mom on one of these weeks. I’ll let her know you’ve made the request! It would be interesting to “interview” her about it.


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